✅ [New] What is the Full Form of OTT Platform? | what is OTT Platform?

 What is the Full Form of OTT Platform?

What is OTT Platform (OTT Platform Full Form, Television Providers, Services, Price, List, Types, India 2021)

Today's era is such where earlier there were many such works for which people had to go out, but now they are done by their mobile phones. The biggest reason for this is the internet. Today every person uses the internet. 

Even if they have to watch something on television. Now some people like to watch it at any time on their mobile phone without any ad. In such a situation, let us tell you that web series have now replaced these television shows. 

Due to which the OTT platform has been created. But now the more special thing is that due to the lockdown caused by Coronavirus, Bollywood has also decided to release its films in these OTT platforms. Now you must be thinking that what is this OTT after all, so let us tell you about it in detail in this article.

What is OTT Platform?

✅ [New] What is the Full Form of OTT Platform? | what is OTT Platform?

OTT platforms are over-the-top platforms that display video or other media-related content via the Internet. It is a kind of app in which these television content and movies are shown. For this, customers have to subscribe to these OTT platforms. 

And then can watch the content they want to see in it. The popularity of the OTT platform first grew in America, after that it has gradually spread everywhere. And it will start getting used a lot in the coming time. It is mainly used for video on demand platforms, audio streaming, OTT devices, Voice IP calls, and communication channel messaging etc.

OTT full form 

"Over the top"

Types of OTT Platform Services:

There are 3 types of services of OTT platform, the information of which is as follows –

1. Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD) :-

This facility is provided in this TVOD service of OTT platform that if customers want to watch any of their favorite television show or movie once, then through this they can watch it on rent, or it can also be bought. For example Apple iTunes etc.

2. Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) :-

If customers like to watch video streaming content then they have to take a subscription for it, and they need to pay something for the subscription. There are many platforms in which customers can watch original content. For example Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.

3. Advertising Video on Demand (AVOD) :-

Ads are present in this OTT service. In this, customers can watch content for free, but along with watching this content, they also have to watch AIDS in between which can be any video aids.

Benefits of the services provided in the OTT platform (OTT Platform Services Benefits)

1. Where people need a cable TV connection or DTH connection to watch TV shows and movies or any favorite program, now people can watch their favorite shows whenever they want using just internet connectivity.

2. Web series, documentaries and whatever content people watch on the OTT platform are all original. Which does not happen in any platform.

3. There are some OTT platforms that create their own content or series and put it in it, these are some OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

4. People have got a lot of convenience through this technology. Because people can do whatever they want to use the OTT app whenever they want.

5. In today's time, people are buying devices like smart TV, smart phone and tablet instead of TV ie television, the main reason for this is the OTT platform itself, because people now connect OTT on these devices and watch these shows in it.

6. People can easily download this OTT platform app on their mobile phone or tablet from play store. And by connecting it to your Smart TV, you can watch the shows and movies of your choice.

7. The best advantage of OTT is that people do not have to wait for it, they can watch the content they want to watch.

8. Now some upcoming Bollywood films are also going to be released in the OTT platform in 2020, so that people will get a chance to watch these movies with their family at home.

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What are the popular OTT platforms in India (Top OTT Platforms in India)

The most popular OTT platforms in India are as follows –

Hotstar :-

✅ [New] What is the Full Form of OTT Platform? | what is OTT Platform?

It is currently a Disney-owned OTT platform with over 400 million active users on a monthly basis currently capped in the Indian market. It is especially popular for showcasing live sports programming and superhit shows like Game of Thrones. The content displayed by this platform can be viewed even without a subscription service.

Netflix :-

✅ [New] What is the Full Form of OTT Platform? | what is OTT Platform?

Netflix, the most popular video streaming company, came to India in 2016. After 4 months of its arrival, the original Indian series Sacred Games was released in it. After this, cheap internet plans, original shows, reality TV series, movies were released in India and then the ability to take subscription in it increased.

Amazon Prime Video :-

✅ [New] What is the Full Form of OTT Platform? | what is OTT Platform?

This OTT company showcased it with regional language to produce more original Indian content from India. During his visit in January 2020, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced a doubling of Amazon Prime Video's investment in India.

ALTBalaji :-

✅ [New] What is the Full Form of OTT Platform? | what is OTT Platform?

This is an Indian company that is a domestic video streaming service of Ekta Kapoor's Balaji Telefilms, targeting Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India. This company is backed by Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Industries Limited.


Sony liv :-

✅ [New] What is the Full Form of OTT Platform? | what is OTT Platform?

Following in the footsteps of Disney-backed Hotstar, Sony launched its own OTT service in 2013, and forayed into the streaming market. It started growing rapidly again. Last year the app crossed 100 million downloads. 

SonyLIV, like Hotstar, also featured live spots on several global football tournaments to achieve growth in India. Along with this, it has also run gaming and some mini-games.

Zee5 :-

✅ [New] What is the Full Form of OTT Platform? | what is OTT Platform?

ZEE5 OTT platform was launched in the year 2018. It is home to over 100k hours of on-demand content and over 80 live TV channels. The main feature of this platform is that it supports various languages, and offers voice search, live TV as well as much more. 

ZEE5 is also going to launch short form content app Hypershots to take ByteDance Tiktok by the end of this year.

Voot :-

✅ [New] What is the Full Form of OTT Platform? | what is OTT Platform?

Viacom 18's Voot, launched in 2016, has bought more than 45 thousand hours of content with its bunch of TV channels. Which includes Colors TV, MTV, Nickelodeon, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures and MTV Indies. It also provides content in different languages.

MX Player :-

✅ [New] What is the Full Form of OTT Platform? | what is OTT Platform?

MX Player, backed by Times Internet, produced original content with 5 original web series in February 2019. After being named as India's most popular video streaming app, MX Player recently added in-app gaming feature to its video streaming platform.

What are the OTT Platform Prices (OTT Platform Prices)?

Hotstar :-

SubscriptionIt has free and paid subscriptions. The VIP subscription pack started at Rs.299 and the Premium pack brings subscribers the OTT platform exclusive web series. It offers 2 types of subscription models in India. 

In which the first is Hotstar Premium with unlimited ad-free access, which costs Rs.999 per year and Rs.299 per month. And the other is Hotstar VIP, which costs Rs.365 per year, which provides ad-free limited content.

Netflix :-

  • Subscription

  • For smartphone users - Rs.199 monthly subscription pack
    For tablet and Laptop users - The entry-level subscription pack is Rs.499 which offers multiple screen support.

    To its advantage, Netflix last year introduced the cheapest smartphone-cable plan for users at Rs 199 per month in the Indian market. At present, its subscription service is Rs 799 per month for 4 devices and Rs 649 per month for 2 devices.

Popular movies and showsSome western original series like Friends, Money Heist, Breaking Bad, Dark, etc, and some Indian original series like Sacred Games, Jamtara, Lust Stories, etc are very much popular. Apart from that, many regional and international movies have exclusively launched movies on Netflix.

Amazon Prime Video :-

SubscriptionThe starter pack comes at just Rs.129 and the annual pack comes Rs.999 which is a completely budget-oriented subscription plan.

Currently, the subscription price of this OTT platform is Rs.129 per month and Rs.999 per year. Those who subscribe to it also get associated with Amazon Prime Music.

Popular movies and showsPopular exclusive movies like Tenet, Sherlock Holmes, and Parasite, Minari, etc, and original web series like Paatal Lok, Mirzapur, The Family man, The Big Bang Theory, Young Seldon, The Office, and much more.

ALTBalaji :-


Popular movies and showsThey have original content in multiple genres like drama, romance, crime, thriller and much more, which is available in multiple Indian languages. Some popular content on ALTBalaji is Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat, Romil & Jugal, Boygiri, Dil Hi To Hai, It Happened In Calcutta, and much more.

SubscriptionYou can watch ALTBalaji for free in India but it is limited to only some selected shows and movies. For a premium subscription the platform offers three plans ranging from Rs.100 to Rs.300. 

Currently, it is one of the cheapest subscriptions in India whose premium service is Rs.100 for 3 months and Rs.300 per year.

Sonyliv :-

Popular movies and showsThis application offers popular TV shows like ‘Tarak Maheta Ka Ulta Chasma’ and ‘The Kapil Sharma Show.

SubscriptionThe company mostly offers free-to-watch content for the audiences. Channels like Sony SAB, Sony Entertainment, Sony Max, Sony Max 2, Sony Six, Sony Yay cartoon channels, etc are available for free. 

At Rs.199 a month subscription pack, Sony Liv provides premium channels like Sony TEN 1, Sony TEN 2, and Sony TEN 3 to the customers. Also, the company offers a premium pack which gives the audience the privilege to watch the live-action of Sports like La Liga Football, Cricket, Tennis, etc. 

Presently the premium subscription of this OTT platform is Rs. 99 per month, Rs. 299 per 6 months and Rs. 499 per annum.

Zee5 :-

SubscriptionApart from those, the audience can also watch TV serials episodes here. The subscription pack of Zee5 started at just Rs. 99. 

The premium subscription of this ZEE5 OTT platform is Rs. 99 per month and Rs. 999 per year.

Voot :-

Popular movies and showsIn this application, you can watch all Colors TV serial episodes live, unseen footage of popular show Biggboss, cartoons, and much more.

SubscriptionThere is a Rs. 99 monthly subscription pack that takes you to the premium section of the application. The premium service Voot Select also has an annual Rs. 999 subscription pack. ‘Asur’ is the most seen and popular original web series in Voot Select. 

With shows like Big Boss, Comedy Central and kids content, Voot offers a premium service of Rs.99 per month and a subscription of Rs.499 per year along with a free trial.

MX Player :-

SubscriptionMX player is the complete free OTT platform in India

MX Player currently allows users to stream premium content on its OTT platform for free. And along with this, it also allows users to play multimedia content from their smartphone.

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Future in OTT India

Over-the-top media platforms are the most trending platforms globally in the recent past and India is not far behind. In India it is called a word 'ava'

By the end of 2019, 150 million Indians were actively using the video OTT platform. Out of which 50% were from 2 tier cities. And it is increasing day by day. Therefore, experts also say that in the coming time, the market of OTT platform in India can grow very much i.e. double. Therefore, in future, most of the people in India can use this to reach even greater heights.

In this way, today the OTT platform has become very famous in India as well as in many parts of the world. Now many films are also being released in this. Recently the trailer of the film Gulabo, Sitabo has been released on Netflix.

What is OTT App?  OTT Apps Meaning

OTT content like web series, movies etc. can be seen on OTT Apps. Film or television content is made available through the Internet and OTT Apps, which is available to the customers according to their demand or it is customized according to their need.

Nowadays many OTT Apps or OTT platforms are available and many of these platforms are known for their web series. The popularity of many OTT apps has increased very fast due to web series.

Benefits of OTT Platforms Services

1. OTT technology is very convenient for the customers. It allows you to watch your favorite movies, web series and programs anytime anywhere.

2. Television was earlier essential for entertainment, but today through OTT platform we can watch our favorite channels and programs at any time and carry it with the times.

3. The biggest advantage of OTT platform is that it saves time. We can watch whatever video we want whenever we want.

4. OTT Platforms can be used not only on mobile phones but also on devices like Desktop, Laptop, Smart TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Fire Stick etc.

5. Live streaming can be done anywhere with the help of OTT Apps. This has got rid of Cable Connection and Physical Limitations.

6. We do many other things besides streaming video through internet connection. Apart from this, when the fee for OTT services is seen, it is relatively less as compared to cable connection.

7. We don't have to wait to see a video. We can watch any video anytime from anywhere.

8. Amazon and Netflix are platforms that create their own video content. Apart from all these platforms, there are other platforms where you can watch online web series, movies. Like MX Player, Hungama etc.

9. To use OTT Platform, OTT App has to be installed from Play Store. You can subscribe for yourself by paying online. Or you can do some free video streaming.
Subscription can be canceled at any time.

What is the difference between OTT Platform and Cable TV? (OTT Platforms Vs Cable TV)

Movies, Series etc. are seen on both Cable TV and OTT Platform but there are many differences between these two.

1. While OTT platform requires internet connection, cable TV requires setup box, dish etc.

2. You can watch any movie or serial on OTT platform anytime, but all programs are fixed on cable TV, you can't watch your favorite program whenever you want, for which you have to wait till the scheduled time of cable TV.

3. While watching a program on the OTT platform, you can pause the video, but there is no such option on cable TV.

4. You can watch the entire program on OTT, but it has to wait on cable TV.

5. You can watch such original content, web series, documentaries, etc. on the OTT platform. Which is not available on any other platform.


Q: What is OTT platform?

Ans: OTT platforms are over-the-top platforms that display videos, films and television shows to the users using the Internet. To see which people have to join and subscribe to it.

Q: Who is the provider of OTT?

Ans: Some of the most popular OTT providers include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

Q: Which streaming service is the best in India?

Ans: The best streaming service in India includes Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Alt Balaji, Zee5, Voot, Sony Liv etc.

Q: Why is it called OTT?

Ans: OTT means over-the-top, this name has been given in the context of giving users access to TV content. This means that people do not have to watch content through traditional cable or broadcast providers, but they can only watch it using the Internet.

Q: How many platforms are there to provide OTT service?

Ans: There are at least 300 OTT providers who provide this service.

Q: How can I use OTT?

Ans: To use OTT, you have to download the OTT platform app of your choice on your device and subscribe to it, after which you can watch your favorite content in it.

Q: What is OTT Platform?

Ans: The full name of OTT platform is “Over the Top” Platform. Which provide video streaming facility to Internet Enabled Devices instead of a cable connection. This is a type of app on which a subscription has to be taken to see the content.

Q: Is the service of OTT Platform free or do you have to pay?

Ans: In order to use OTT, you need to download, subscribe, and subscribe to the OTT platform app of your choice on your smartphone or other device running the Internet.

Q: How OTT Platform can be used?

Ans: In order to use OTT, you need to download, subscribe, and subscribe to the OTT platform app of your choice on your smartphone or other device running the Internet.

Q: Who are the best OTT Providers?

Ans: By the way, there are many such OTT services that provide the option to stream videos over Internet Connection. But Netflix and Amazon Prime Video is one of them that comes in the count of the best OTT providers.

Q: Which is the best OTT service in India?

Ans: The most used OTT services in India are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, Voot, Alt Balaji etc.


Today in this post I told that what is OTT Full Form (full form of OTT Platform) and what is OTT Platform?. I hope this post helped you. If you liked this post, do share it with other people. If you have any question related to this post (what is OTT Platform), then tell us by commenting.

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