[video game] How to make a Video Game? | How to Create your own Video Game?

How to make a Video Game? | How to Create your own Video Game?

How to Create your own Video Game?

Will you have played a lot of video games on mobile or PC? But have you ever thought about creating your own video game? But in order how to make a game, a lot of coding is needed, but there are so many websites that provide online and offline tools for you to create your own video games and that too without any coding.


From the Flowab site, you can start creating basic games, it is completely free. You can sign up from Facebook or with your email id and create a game. You have complete settings for games in which you can edit game objects as well as edit them.


Make a game button on the homepage of Spleler, click on it, you will find 5 games category. Click on the type of game you want to make. Here are all the tools related to making games. At the same time, you can test the game before publishing it.


Game Maker 3D lets you create 3D games. Here are several projects already available, or you can select them if you do not, then you can create a new project. If you are an advanced user, then you will also be provided the games sourced code. There are plenty of tools available like this sound, animation, and light, which are necessary to create a 3D game.


Eppsgeyser gives you the freedom to create free games for Android phones. That too, making a game in no coding is a child's play. Here are 31 categories of Android games. Including Quiz Games It also gives you the facility to publish games on the Google Play Store.

How to make a video game from scratch?

To make your own game, you must use the software or website that makes the game. You should talk to people to create a game that plays Daily Game, ask them how they like to play games, it gives you the choice of people you will know about what kind of game they like you do not have to copy any game.

Like someone like Candy Crush Game, you do not have to make the same game. You just have to know about that game's interface. Game You have to be made by putting Idea on your own, as good as Idea you will make a game, the better game will be made and the same will be liked by the people, so now you know how Android Game is created.

How to make games for android

To create a game in any Android or Computer, it is very important to have Programming Languages ​​as you can not develop a big game without programming.

For big games such as Mili Militia, Clash of Cleans, Traffic Tour, Asphalt 8, etc. You need to come to Coding, but Programming Language comes with very few people, it learns to learn it. If you want to know today, we will tell you about it below today.

How to make a game app

To create the game you will find many websites on the Internet. The most popular website on the website is Appsgeyser. You must have heard of this name if you do not know about it, so we tell you about it. It is a website that lets you use Mobile You can also create applications and Android apps.

how to make a video game for kids

If you want to create your Android Game, we will tell you Step by Step about it. Just follow our steps and create your own Android Game, so let's know about it.

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1. Visit the Appsgeyser Website

First, you have to visit Appsgeyser's website if you want to go directly to its website.

2. Gamemaker

As soon as you visit the Appsgeyser's website, you will see many options. You have to click on the option of Gamemaker from among them.

3. Select Category

Now you have to select the category of Game over here. You can create a category in which you want to create a Game For Example - We have selected Find the Pair Game in the Popular category here.

4. Details

You will find here the Detail Show of Find the Pair Game, click on Next.

5. App Setting

Now you will be asked to set up some App. You have to give a Background Image, Logo Image, after giving the name and Level Logo Image, select Image in the Select Your Image, after giving all the details click on Next.

6. Enter Name

After clicking on next you have to enter the name of the game which should be new and should not be held by anyone else, then click Next.

7. Description

Now you have to give a description of the Game. Click Write Next.

8. Set Icon

If you want to set an icon for the game then upload its image or else the icon is allowed to remain the same, after the Icon setting and clicking Next, click on it.

9. Create

Now you can see that all the settings of the game have been done, then click on Create Button

10. Sign Up

After creating, you will see the option of Register or Sign Up, you have to give your email, password, then after clicking on the checkbox on the Terms and Service, give Captcha and then click on the Sign-Up button.

11.Verify Your Email

After signing up, you will have a Dashboard Show on the game and you will be sent an email. Now you have to check your mail that you have open Mail from Appsgeyser's behalf and click on Verify Your Email.

12. Go To Your Dashboard

Your Appsgeyser Account is successfully created and verified. Now you can click on the option to Go to Your Dashboard here.

13. Download Game

You will now be able to access Appsgeyser's Dashboard. Here you will see the icon and name of the game that you have created. If you want to download your game then Download Button will appear on it, you can download it by clicking on it.

14 Share With Friend

You can also download the game by Qr Code Scan and in addition, if you want to share your game with your friends, here you will also see a game link, which can be sent to your friends by copy.

So if they click on your link they will be reached on your Games Download page. So, Friends, you can easily create your own game.


How to make a game and how to earn money by making a game

  1. Friends, you can earn money from your app made with Appsgeyser. If you have made a good game and want to earn money from it, you will have to monetize your app. You must have seen that the game runs on the Internet Ads are below
  2. You can also apply the same type of Ads on your Game, which is AdMob's Ad, which you can earn besides other Ads of Advertising.
  3. Now if you want to earn money from your game, then you will see the option of Monetize on the left side of Appsgeyser, click on it. Here you will see 2 Ads: One Banner Ads Second Interstitial Ads You can place Advertisement of these two types of Ads with your Games.
  4. Apart from this, you will also see Admob's option at the bottom of Banner Ads and Interstitial Ads, by clicking on it, you can add Admob's code to your game, then click Save on.


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