[mobile] What is Mobile? What are its Advantages And Disadvantages?

What is Mobile?

What is Mobile? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

The mobile phone, known by many names, Cell Phone, Cellular Phone, Wireless Phone, Mobile Phone is one such device through which two people can communicate at a distance, can speak and listen to their talk, Or, it is a long-distance Ka electronic device, which is used for the communication of voice.

And in today's modern times, its usage has increased a lot, now it is also used to send mobile phone ka us a message, for the use of email, internet, and gaming, Bluetooth, video audio recorder, pictures, There is also Mobile Phone Ka Use for Video, Mp3 Player, Radio, GPS.

Who invented mobile / who made mobile?

Initially, mobile phones were of big size and were made for talking purposes, but today it is not so, today you can also do internet, text messages and video calling in mobile phones, the first time that the mobile phone is made Was not he used to work like today, he used to send messages like radio used.
  • The first Mobile Phone Motorola Ka was made in 1973 by John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper, whose weight was 2 Kg. And the price was Rs 2 lakh, then came the Motorola Ka Dynatac 8000x model which was used in 1983, could be talked about by virtually charging its Battery to about 35 Min,
  • The first Automated Cellular Network launched in Japan in 1979 was the first generation (1g) system, with the help of which many people could call each other at a time. The phone with the camera started in 1997.
  • In 1991, 2G technology was started by Radiolinja in Finland. And 10 years after that came in 2001, 3g which started by Japan's company Ntt Docomo, from 1983 to 2014, almost 700 million Mobile Phone Ka was used.
    • Samsung, Nokia, Apple, and Lg, the highest number of phone makers of 2014, 25% made by Phone Samsung and 13% by Phone Nokia. And for the text, 160 letters were freed by the German engineer Friedelham Heli brand. So far the best-selling phone is the Nokia 1100, after its launch in 2003, more than 25 million sets were sold.

Who discovered the telephone?

  • The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell, Telephone means a far-reaching conversation or Communication from a different place.

  • Alexander Graham Bell

  • On one side there is a transmitter that lets you dial the number, the Reciever is on the other side, when the ring starts, the Reciever phone gets up and Hello speaks, and you are able to communicate.
  • If the conversation is to be done by a person living abroad or in another state, then for dialing the person Ka number, dial the STD or ISD code, nowadays the telephone Ka has expanded so that the person living in small villages You can talk easily.
  • The conversation on the telephone is through a wire, Mobile Phone is an improved form, if there are no Wire Connections in Mobile Phones, then you can take mobile easily with your pocket or purse, so you can take it with you all day People have started using mobile phones more.
  • It has become an Easy Communication Device, you can use it to talk to you as long as the Network Signal is coming in the mobile phone, and nowadays there are many upgrades of Technology Ray Related in Mobile Phones.

Phones are started in the New Version. It is helpful in your Business, you can sit far away and know all the information about your business on mobile.

How do mobile phones work?

This can be considered as the biggest revolution in the field of communication media, in which human civilization has created a new leap of development. In simple words, we can say that your mobile phone is very much like a radio in which the transmitter and receiver are both (as we often use in Walkie-talkie, etc.) but slightly more advanced than that.

Imagine you call your friend in another city. As soon as you speak here, your phone accepts your voice through a microphone and converts it into an electric signal which is sent through radio waves to another, and your friend's phone calls this signal through the speaker The sound changes. This is the basic principle behind mobile communication, by which you can sit thousands of kilometers away and talk to others.

To make a mobile phone portable, a small antenna is required, which is activated continuously using energy in small amounts. If your mobile phone is switched on and is not in use, then still it sends a signal pulse for a while and this is the reason why your phone consumes very little battery on flight mode because it is the type of signal on flight mode Stops sending and is completely separated from the cellular network.

 What is Mobile?

  • This cellular network facilitates communication with other cell phones located thousands of kilometers away. To create a cellular network, the whole earth is divided into smaller areas which the cells do. These cells are the area of ​​hexagonal size and each cell has its own base station. 
  • When you call cellphone, first of all, the base station in your area captures the weak signal derived from your phone and then relays to your friend's nearest base station. The station then sends that signal to your friend's phone and your voice is heard on his phone.
  •  If you move from one base station to another area of ​​the base station while talking, your phone automatically switches to another base station without affecting your calls and you keep talking.
  • The use of cell solves another complex problem.
  •  The availability of radio frequencies in the phone network is limited and approximately 800 radio frequencies are available at one time. Two frequencies or frequencies are required to call your phone at one time. One to send your voice and to get the second voice. 
  • Thus 400 people can interact at one time but using these cells, these frequencies are re-used on every cell, and in such a number, the same number of people can talk at the same time.
  • For this reason, cellular networks can carry billions of calls per day simultaneously. Whenever a radio frequency is not available in any cell, you are said to be "network busy" but this happens only when there are more than 400 users in the field of a cell. 
  • This is the reason that sometimes, like the number of callers at the new year or another time, and it reaches 400, then other calls are not possible in the area of ​​that cell. In order to avoid this disorder, telecom companies establish intensive cells from densely populated areas so that they are not inconvenient.

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