[4K] What is 4K Resolution? Overview and Perspective of Ultra HD


what is 4k Resolution?

The 4k term means a resolution of the electronic display. The display here can be on your TV, laptop, or any other electric device.
Pixels are dots that combine any image, and the more pixels, the better picture will be the quality. When there is a low-resolution device then the picture does not have sharpness and clarity.
therefore we prefer to use a device with more pixels so that the picture quality is better.
Here we are talking about 4k resolution it is considered very good because it has been used very high resolution.

How 4K is Implemented?

In the 4k resolution, 4096 pixels are horizontal lines of the display and 2160 pixels are vertical. It is called 4K because there are about 4 thousand pixels. on the horizontal side which is 1080p four times the high resolution 1080p is called Full HD. 
Most UHDs are coming on the TV screen whose resolution is 3840 x 2160 And at the commercial level. they are also being called 4K because they are offering 4 times the resolution of regular HD resolution.
While in a more special context, Proper 4K is the same thing that is nowadays available in the standard digital camera resolutions that have 4096 x 2160 pixels.
resolution with 19:1 (horizontal: vertical) as opposed to common TV-based 3,840p width and aspect ratios of 16:9.

What 4K Resolution Really Means?

In this way, you can see that many manufacturers advertise their product by speaking UHD 4K and Simply 4K.while the 4K term is traditionally reserved for the cinematic, DCI resolution.
4K Ultra HD is also called UHD. It offers 4 times more than 1080P Full HD offers 8Million pixels compared to 2Million pixels. In this way the variant of watching video changes. In 4K HD TV you get Fine Detail, great texture, and excellent Smoothness. DCI’s 4K – 4k: resolution is 4096 × 2160, which is used mostly in the film and video production industry. DCI’s Full Form Digital Cinema Initiatives.
4K UHD – This is also called ultra-high-definition television, its resolution is up to 3840 × 2160. This technique is used in television and video game.
The 4K display offers such a great picture quality that the difference will be visible to you, because of its greater resilience makes the image or video better.
4K’s display offers such a great picture and details that the difference can surprise you. The more resolution images are better. The density of more than 4K panels enabled the pixels to look more closely without the Grid Structure. With Sitting Poison from your existing Full HD panel, you can see a very large screen with great comfort.

Ultra HD Premium

Many companies have made the UHD Alliance together. This means that the technology of TV Sets should be defined.
There are 35 companies on it. Its Result is UHD Premium Specification. There is a list of the features included in Products such as TV and Blue-ray Players with Content and Hardware.
How small will the 4K Ultra HD TV screen be the size of the 4K Ultra HD TV Screen has come down to 55 inches and above. the size of the screen decreases,
likewise, the advantages of the Pixel Denis Display are finished.

4K and Ultra HD

Now seen technically, there are two main standards of 4K. The first DCI 4Kresolution, whose pixel resolution is 4096 × 2160. It is mostly used in film and video production industries. Its resolution is double than the DCI 2K.
Then the second is UHD-1. It can also be called ultra-high-definition television (UHDTV). Its resolution is 3840 × 2160.
This technique is used in television and video games.
If you have to understand it in a simple way just understand that you have 4x fixes from FHD (FULL HD). Here are some solutions.

Video Resolution vs Megapixels
SD: – 720 × 576
HD: – 1280 × 720
Full HD: – 1920 × 1080
Quad HD: – 3840 × 2160
4K Ultra HD: – 4096 × 2160


If you have a smartphone or TV with 4K support then you can play a video of any type of SD, HD, FULL HD, QUAD HD, 4K.
So if you are thinking of buying a TV or a smartphone then you must surely see whether it supports 4K or not. In today’s 4K resolution smartphone, 4K TV, 4K Camera, 4K Computer Monitor then today 4K is available everywhere and overtime this technology will come in other things as well.
Now the new generation game consoles, USB Media Players, Blue Ray Players, and even 4K support set-top boxes are also now easy to market Are available from.
In the next few years, HD will be no longer equal to 4K compared to that of the camera.
In such a situation, if you are planning to take a new TV, it would be better if you buy 4K TVs by paying a little more
Referenced by the number of pixels that are horizontal and vertically, which are right from 1920 left to right and 1080 pixels.
Originally 4K means a new display resolution, 4K stands for 4096 x 2160 pixels (3840 x 2160 for TV) resolution. Its resolution is four times the full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels).
By multiplying these numbers, you get pixels in the total number on the panel, which is used to generate the image.
When you see the same number format in 4K, it is 4096×2160, which sits four times more than 1920 x 1080. This means that the image appears sharper.

why have to buy 4k?

If you have extra money to spend, you can choose it 4K TVs have been affordable for some years and now the new generation game consoles, USB media players, are players and even 4K support set-top boxes are also available now.
The next thing after 4K Full HD is In the next 3-5 years, HD will be no longer equal to 4K compared to that. In such a situation, if you are planning to take a new TV, it would be better if you buy 4K TVs by paying a little more money.
At the moment, it is difficult to get real 4K content. However, 4Kcontent set-top boxes are available. Gaming Console (Xbox One, PlayStation 4) already has 4K support. Also, 4K Bluerial Players and Disks are also available.
Apart from these smartphones are in the range of less than Rs 10,000, in which 4K video recording is available, these videos can be viewed on 4K TVs. In addition, 4K video recording is also available in DSLR and Point and Shoot cameras. Overall now 4K is present everywhere and its availability will increase with time.

Why upgrade to 4K?

When FULL HD came for the first time and you saw the actual full HD content on a Full HD TV you would have understood it differently than the usual content. However, it is easier to see personalized pixels on big TVs (46-inch or more).
The 4K Ultra HD tv screen has stopped at 55 inches and more than that because the size of the screen decreases. the pixel is less by the way the benefits of the display start to finish.
Now the new generation game console, USB media player, Blu-ray players, and even 4K support set-sub-box are easily available in the market. Apart from this, 4K video recording is also available in DSLR and Point and Shoot cameras.
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