[32 bit vs 64 bit] what is difference between 32 bit vs 64 bit operating system?

What is Difference Between 32 bit vs 64 bit?

We all use computers and laptops, but we do not have complete knowledge of many technical terms. Do you know what is the difference between 32bit and 64 bit on the computer? Which type of computer will be right for you? We will try to give answers to such questions in this post.

What is 32 bit vs 64 bit?

Where is the 32-bit processor used?

By 1990, 32-bit processors were used prominently in all computers. A 32-bit processor computer works on 32 bits wide data units. Windows 95, 98, and XP are all 32 bit operating systems, which usually work on computers with 32-bit processors. Obviously, 64-bit versions of operating systems can not be installed on computers that work on 32-bit processors.

Where is the 64-bit processor used?

64-bit computers came into the market in 1961 when IBM introduced the IBM7030 Stretch Supercomputer. However, it has been used since 2000. Microsoft introduced a 64-bit version of Windows XP, which could be used with 64-bit processors. 

Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 also come in 64-bit versions. A 64-bit computer-based computer works on 64 bits wide data units. 64 or 32-bit versions of any operating system can be installed on computers that work on 64-bit processors. However, 64-bit processors with 32-bit operating systems will not be able to work properly.

Where 32 bit vs 64 bit is Used?

Processors are used both on the computer and on mobile. So today we will tell you what is 32 bit and 64-bit processor. Besides, whenever you insert a window, you may have noticed several times that windows come in 32, 64, and 86 bit windows, and we think that the 32-bit window is good enough. But today I will tell you what is 32 and 64-bit processor. Which windows should you install, which operating system should you install? I will tell you about this whole article today in this article.

  • In the processor, Bit handles its size and data type and bolts its registration. Suppose your processor is 32 bit then it has the ability to transfer 32-bit data at a time. 
  • This means that the processor is correct for working with the 32-bit operating system. 32 bit 2³² is suitable for computer value to store with a memory address.
  • The 32-bit processor must have a 32-bit operating system so that it can work correctly. After Microsoft Windows 95, all operating systems are 32-bit unavailable and in almost all phones of Android, the operating system supports 32-bit but 64-bit processors are also coming in the phone that is just coming
  • The 64-bit processor means that you can transfer 64-bit data into it. Data Transfer, Data-Path Widths, Integer Size, and Memory Address Widths will be 64-bit. You can store the memory address of 264 computers in 64-bit processors.
  •  A nearly 64-bit Operating System is available in almost all Microsoft Windows XP. After the KitKat version of the mobile in mobile, 64 versions of mobile are also being used.

Difference Between 32 bit vs 64 bit?

  • The biggest difference between 32-bit and 64-bit processors is their calculation. In the 32 bit processor, calculates above 2 integers of 32 bits and calculates above 64 bits of 2 integers in the 64-bit processor. For this reason, 64-bit processor speed is higher than the 32-bit processor.
  • The biggest difference between 32-bit and 64-bit processors is that it supports more memory addressing in it, which means that you can have a bigger RAM in it. A 32-bit processor supports up to 4GB of RAM and supports up to 4GB of RAM in the 64-bit processor. It is very important for Graphics Designing and Video Editing if your system is a 32-bit processor then your system will slow down during video editing. If you want to take a new computer then you must take care of the bit as you can increase your computer's RAM.
  • Both types of processors are different and if you are using a 32-bit processor, then you can use only the 32-bit operating system if you install a 64-bit operating system, it does not work properly. Will be able to All this happens in the 64-bit processor, you also have to install a 64-bit operating system and if you use a 32-bit processor your computer will process slow. Which you would never like
  • If you do graphic design or video editing or you plan to upgrade your computer in which you can increase your computer's RAM, then use a 64-bit processor. About 64-bit processors are being used in today's time. And if you are using mobile then you need to have your mobile 64-bit processor to update the Lollipop and Marshmallow version. If your mobile works on a 32-bit processor, you will not be able to update your mobile in the Lollipop or Marshmallow version.
  • I hope you have got complete information about 32 bit and 64-bit processors. That's why whenever you buy a mobile and a computer, it must be careful which processor is being used in it.

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Major Difference Between 32 bit vs 64 bit:

One major difference between 32-bit and 64-bit processors is that they can calculate how fast they are per second. This makes the difference in the speed of task completion.
64-bit processors can come for home computing on dual-core, quad-core, six-core, and eight-core versions. 

Having multiple cores increases the speed of calculating per second. This can increase the computer's processing power and the computer can work fast. Software tools that work on multiple calculations at the same time, work better on 64-bit processors.

The second big difference in 32-bit and 64-bit processors is to support RAM. 32-bit computers support up to 3 to 4 GB of RAM. At the same time, 64-bit computers also support RAM more than 4GB. This feature is important in programs like Graphic Design, Engineering, and Video Editing.

32 bit vs 64 bit

  • The smallest unit of memory of a bit computer is when four bits are joined, then called nibble i.e. 1 nibbling = 4-bit byte and a group of 8 bits is called byte.
  • That is, a 32-bit computer processor can process 32-bit data at a time, and 64-bit processor once processed a 64-bit data processor twice in a single process. Now one more processor needs RAM to process this data. In 32-bit computer computers, you can use up to 4 GB of RAM whereas 64-bit processors need more RAM to process data.
  • How to know how much bit your computer is -
  • Right-click on the My Computer icon in Windows XP or 7 and press the Properties menu. Now, look at the system type of operating system on the screen that opens. You will know that your system is 32 bit or 64 bit.

How to check Operating System in 32bit or 64bit?

Knowing that your Windows OS is 32-bit or 64-bit, is quite simple. Just right-click on this PC or My Computer to check it and go to Properties. There you will find your CPU, 64-bit or 32-bit in front of the system type.

Another easy way to know which OS architecture is running in Windows is to check the program file folder. If you have 64-bit OSs on your system, then you will have a folder called Program Files (x86) in your C Drive.

To see the hardware architecture, you can open the command prompt and enter the following command:


You can get feedback like AMD64 indicating that you have an x64 based system or x86 for 32-bit.

Important: These commands only tell the hardware architecture, not the Windows version running on your PC.


Hopefully, the above explanation has given you a better understanding of 32-bit and 64-bit in terms of hardware and software.

Finally, 64-bit processors are becoming more and more common in home computers. Most manufacturers are now making computers with 64-bit processors due to cheap prices and because more users are also now using 64-bit operating systems and programs.

64-bit processors are much more powerful than their 32-bit counterparts because they can store and process a lot of information.

To understand the difference of difference between the two, you have to understand something about counting in the binary. Unlike our decimal system, which has ten digits per place, there are only two - 0 or 1 in binary.
  • Thus, 32-bit numbers have 2 ^ 32 potential addresses, or 4,294, 9 67,296. In contrast, the capacity of the 64-bit number is 2 ^ 64, or 18,446,744,073,709,551,616. Compared to ~ 18 quintile bytes (about 18 billion gigabytes), compared to ~ 4 billion bytes (about 4 gigabytes).
  • Another big difference between the 32-bit processor and the 64-bit processor is differential, and that is to support the Max RAM. 32-bit computers support up to 4 GB of memory, while 64-bit computers can support up to 4 GB of storage.
  • So if your PC has 4GB of RAM installed, but your OS is 32 bit then only 3GB of RAM will be detected in it.
  • This feature is important for software programs used in graphics design, engineering, and video editing because these programs require more storage.
  • You may have seen the option of downloading the software as a 32-bit version or 64-bit version. This difference really matters because both programs are programmed for different systems.
  • 32-bit hardware and software are often known as x86 or x86-32.
  • 64-bit hardware and software are often known as x64 or x86-64.

Generally, the more data can be processed, the faster your system may operate.

Which of the 32bit and 64bit is better for you?

64-bit processors have now also been introduced in home computers and most users use it. It can also be said that in this period of increasing expansion of technology 32 bit is now outdated. Because most users prefer to use 64 bit now, the manufacturers are also presenting it at budget prices. In the coming time, 32-bit use is going to stop. In such a scenario, it would be better for you to take a computer-based on 64 bit.

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